Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Robert's Rock Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay 2005

This inexpensive ($10-$11) Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay mix from Robert's Rock came across mostly as a Chardonnay. We got grapefruit on the nose and vanilla on the tongue. But we liked it enough to rate it 15.25/20 using the UC Davis system. It's not a bad wine, just nothing special.


Anonymous said...

I found this to be an exceptional white wine. I would easily recommend it as a 18/20. Buy a bottle you certainly will not be disappointed. It is great with cheese, seafood and pasta w/white sauce or just on it's own.


Tico-tamarindo said...

I agree with the poster. I am in Brazil and can't stand most of the wines here. Saw South Africa so gave it a whirl. I have had much worse bottles for over $200 (no typo.. $200
) I loved this bottle. Bought a case. I'm going with 18/20. Best of all it's delicate so everyone who tries it seems to like it. Surprised and very impressed!