Saturday, July 21, 2007

This could almost tempt us to make our own wine...

It's always been our philosophy that we'd rather let wineries make our wine for us than making it ourselves. But the WinePod almost tempts us. It's an:

...automated home winery that vinifies up to four cases of wine using traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern oenological technology, conducting the entire post-harvest process in its stainless steel chamber, cold soaking, pressing, and fermenting the grapes, and aging the wine for six to twelve months (or less, depending on personal preference).

Even if we never use it, if it improves other people's homemade wine, it will have been a worthwhile invention!


Edward Yardley said...

Wow! that's unreal.



mikefirst1 said...

That is sooo cool! How do they get the lees out? I guess it doesn't require racking? I learned a LOT about making homemade wine HERE. It seems to me that this winepod would have to have a way of getting the sediments out. You wouldn't want your wine sitting on them for 8 to 12 months!